Video Projection Mapping

Video Projection Mapping is an exciting new projection technique that can turn almost any surface into a dynamic video display. Specialized software is used to warp and mask the projected image to make it fit perfectly on irregularly shaped screens. When done right, the end result is a dynamic projection installation that transcends ordinary video projection. The goal of this site is to compile examples of impressive uses of video mapping techniques.

"Each art has its own medium and that medium is especially fitted for one kind of communication. Each medium says something that cannot be uttered as well or as completely in any other tongue." --John Dewey

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Blueprints and Perspectives is a 6,200 s.f. projection-mapped piece on the Wyly Theatre at the AT&T Performing Arts Center downtown Dallas. It was presented during Aurora 2013 Festival of Light by 3_Search and the piece was created by Glowing Bulbs featuring John Ensor Parker.

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Medley of LATE SPECULATION project 
Audiovisual Performance by NONOTAK
Noemi Schipfer / Takami Nakamoto
Co Production : Le Générateur
Shot and Edited by A.D.A.A.M
Music by Takami NAKAMOTO­-nakamoto-medley-master2
Song Mastering: Inner Portal Studio Seattle

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The Fake Factory, a video design and contemporary media art studio based in Florence Italy, created a stunning 6.000 square meters mapping projection in Carrara, Italy, on the white marble surface of Michelangelo’s quarry. 

The event was promoted by Ferragamo perfume to celebrate the launch of the new fragrances collection “Tuscan Soul” inspired by the beauties and traditions of Tuscany.

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ADVECTION _ Robert Seidel
2-Channel Video Projection on a Water Fountain 
Dimension Fountain 10 x 7 m / Background 35 x 50 m

Commissioned by
4th Lichtsicht Biennale _ Bad Rothenfelde / Germany _
27th September 2013 – 5th January 2014

Artist Statement
The work advection consists of several visual études projected on the continuously changing volume of a water fountain. Interconnected with both the circadian rhythm of their natural surroundings as well as the meteorological nuances of seasonal change from autumn to winter – the fixed études alter their density, texture and luminescence over the exhibition time.

This highly organic pictorial frame spawns a contemporary form of moving abstract paintings or associative drawings. The volumetric fountain, the pond reflections and iridescent flares shape a plasmatic spatial system, which is extended by a secondary video projection. This additional layer illuminates the surrounding area, integrating vegetation and the passing visitors into an abstracted mirage-stage.

Here, twining lines change their density within the evolving volume as fragile light patterns float in the bank of fog. The skeletal music composition is augmented by the sound of rippling water and the rushing fountain. Ultimately flickering projection segments and the emerging natural airstreams break the fluctuating formations, making every loop a unique permutation.

Artwork Robert Seidel _
Music David Kamp _

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Imagineers in Exile - projection mapping storytelling by a dandypunk

from dandy punk

Excerpts from an immersive art gallery show, in which the audience are surrounded by illustrations. Projection mapping brings the illustrations to life as the audience follows an epic adventure on the walls around the space. Some characters from the drawings manifest themselves in live performance. A new concept combining digital story telling, immersive theatre and traditional illustration.


⅃ΛNΛ D3⅃ ℝ3Y - GODS AND MONSTERS (…and so another year ends in darkness mix by V▲LH▲LL)


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Special performance by bboy Devin Shen

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Tokya NYC Preview Party

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The Latest work from the Macula.  

Khôra (Khora or Chora; Ancient Greek: χώρα)
is a philosophical term described by Plato in Timaeus as a receptacle, a space, or an interval. It is neither being nor nonbeing but an interval between in which the “forms” were originally held. Khôra “gives space” and has maternal overtones (a womb, matrix). A formless and unnameable “it” that we cannot identify but only evoke with images of unidentifiable places, like a kind of dissolution into the tohu wa bohu* (waste and void), what Levinas calls the il y a** (the Other - a formless void; a frightening neutrality devoid of meaning), the elemental night.

* Biblical Hebrew phrase found in the Book of Genesis 1:2. It is usually translated “waste and void”, “formless and empty”, or some variation of the same. It describes the condition of the earth before God said, “Let there be light” (Gen. 1:3). Precise translation of the phrase is difficult, as only the first word, “tohu,” appears to have any independent meaning.

** The idea of the other was formalized by Emmanuel Levinas, and later made popular by Edward Said in his well-known book Orientalism. Despite originally being a philosophical concept, othering has political, economic, social and psychological connotations and implications. The “Other”, as a general term in philosophy, can also be used to mean the unconscious, silence, insanity, the other of language (i.e., what it refers to and what is unsaid), etc.

Very special thanks goes to our friend Andrej Boleslavsky for Kinect recording.

Concept and visuals by Amar Mulabegović and Daniel Gregor {The Macula}
Concept and music/sound composed by Ondřej Skala {JTNB}
Photos & video by The Macula.

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Opening Ceremony University of Economics and Business Vienna

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Here’s some cool 3D projection mapping on rocks & landscaping.

On August 9th, 2012, closing day of SIGGRAPH’12, Allen Battino, Philippe Bergeron, and Joan Collins hosted the “Greatest 80s CG Party of all time” — the sequel. An impressive group of CG pioneers — many Academy-Award winners, and presidents of companies — gathered to reminisce about the past, and dream about the future. PaintScaping did 3D projection mapping on landscaping, and the results were out-of-this-world.

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Rickie Fowler takes on Psychedelic Golf Challenge


Rickie Fowler added creativity to his training regiment for the 95th PGA Championship. Rickie immersed himself in a visually stunning psychedelic driving range complete with projection mapped targets, state of the art sound, and a stadium size laser and light show.

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Making of The Krewella Volcano

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VENU MAGAZINE #20 Sept/Oct 2013 →

 Lisa Seidenberg wrote an article about projection mapping in this months issue of VENÜ Magazine.  It starts on pg. 45.

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