26th Floor | Augmented Sculpture

"SUPER WOMAN" (Discovery Channel/Familia) by Natasha Tsakos


Disney Research HideOut augmented reality story books

3D Mapping for TV Advertisement / Making of

West Virginia 150th Birthday 3D Building Mapping-

This 3D building mapping was projected on the State Capital of West Virginia to celebrate West Virginia’s Sesquicentennial on June 22nd 2013. Included are images of the history of West Virginia, it’s industries, favorite pastimes and mnemonics of Abraham Lincoln, Senator Byrd, Chuck Yeager, Jerry West and Mary Lou Retton.
Created by Jack Hattingh and Alan Demafiles of Monster Media 3D. Live production produced by Monster Media 3D - Mike Sandrin, James Laurino, Lindsey Fuller- Coolux Pandora by Jake Zobrist and sound design by Scott Szabo.

- Infinity ∞ (teaser)


"What’s He Building In There?" Sundance 2013 New Frontier - Full Length

DUALITY - Atlantic City Sound and Light Show - July 4th

CHIAROSCURO — Installation by Sougwen Chung

Creative direction by: Sougwen Chung
Original Music by Praveen Sharma
Technical direction: Andrien Boulanger
Arduino Programming by: Adam Harvey
Structural Supports by: Square Fabrication
Filmed by: Linda Cavaliero, Marcelline Gamma

Welcome Into The Future

Karlovy Vary spa season opening ceremony

Light Leaks

Form and Substance: Projection Mapping in Contemporary Art.

Group Exhibition curated by the curators of videomapping.tumblr.com

Spring 2013 Brooklyn, NY

Projection Mapping is the premier artistic technique of our age. Projection Mapping (also called Video Mapping) utilizes specialized software to create a projected image that perfectly fits any desired surface, including irregularly shaped screens, 3 dimensional objects, architecture, etc. changing its very nature; allowing for the surface in question to convey any message that the artist desires. When done right, the result is magical. “Form and Substance” brings together work by several prominent artists in this field to create and activate paintings, sculptures and installations.

Curated by Bryan Dodson, Brian Blessinger, Michelle Dodson, and Carolyn Devlin-Antuna

Featuring work by: Adam Dare, Bryan & Michelle Dodson (Integrated Visions), Christina Graf; Davy & Kristin McGuire, Domingo Zapata, Jessica Angel, Joanie Lemercier (AntiVJ), Joel Fitzpatrick, John Ensor Parker, Kris Davidson, Laura Ramirez (Optika), Paulapart, Red Paper Heart, Robert Seidel, and Simon Anaya

In 1950, Jackson Pollock proclaimed: “New needs need new techniques. And the modern artists have found new ways and new means of making their statements. Each age finds its own technique.” Projection Mapping is the technique of our age.


SYNAPSE / gloWArp Organic Videomapping performance / 2013

sound design by Quadsun / www.facebook.com/quadsun